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  • Arianna Huffington, "Bush Rouses The Sleeping Dogs Of The Culture War," ariannaonline, February 18, 2004: "'I'm a war president,' George Bush told us. ... But as the body count in Iraq continues to rise, the president's approval rating plummets, and the furor over phantom WMD, sexed-up intel, and Bush's spotty Air National Guard service refuses to go away, it appears Karl Rove is planning a small rewrite for his candidate: 'I'm a culture war president.' ... Remember that divisive pre-9/11 campaign staple? Well, it's flared up again -- with a vengeance and a rash of new administration actions clearly aimed at shoring up the president's Christian conservative base. ... In the last month, the president has traded in his too-tight flight suit for a revival tent, backing a new anti-obscenity crusade, anti-condom sex-ed programs, a renewed commitment to fighting the drug war, and his attorney general's efforts to poke around the private medical records of women who've had abortions. He even hinted in his State of the Union 2004 that he'd be willing to endorse a constitutional ban on gay marriage."
  • Richard Benedetto, "President's approval ratings continue to sag," USA TODAY, February 19, 2004.
  • Alexander Bolton and Geoff Earle, "Bush slide worries the party," The Hill, May 20, 2004.
  • "Poll: Bush Ratings Continue Slide," CBS News, May 24, 2004: "Evaluations of the way Mr. Bush is handling the war in Iraq, how he is handling foreign policy, and how he is handling his job overall are now at their lowest levels ever in his presidency."