Canadian Centre for Toxicology

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The Canadian Centre for Toxicology was established by the University of Guelph and Toronto as a centre of excellence for teaching and conducting toxicology research in 1982, The director was automatically given the status of a professor. The idea was that the CCT would function as a consortium of universities, industries and governments.

Ian C Munro was the director of the CCT, and between 1983 and 1992 he was also a Professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. In 1985 Munro also became one of the co-editors of Toxicological Risk Assessment along with one co-editor from the Bureau of Chemical Safety and another from Health & Welfare Canada.

In this year Munro also became a founding partner and the President of the private science-for-sale firm Cantox while still holding down the position of Director of 'Canadian Centre for Toxicology. Cantox was more a public relations operation for companies with poisoning and polluting problems, than it was a genuine scientific organisation. His close associates over subsequent years were all scientific scam artists who worked for the tobacco industry and other industries with problems.