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This is a special page just for the organisations, affiliations, employees and partners of 'George Louis Carlo who was one of the most prolific science-for-sale entrepreneur operating in America during the 1980s, 90s and 2000s. He had an amazing array of business organisations, and he provided services to a wide range of industries: the chemical industry, the tobacco industry, cellphone industry, etc.

He built a fairly large and disparate empire of small research organisations interlinked to what were intended to look like scientific associations and service groups.

George L Carlo
George Carlo (Doc Index) & WTR
Wireless Technology Research
Health and Environmental Sciences Group

Affiliations & Associations

This is a partial list of the corporations, think-tanks and science-for-sale operations George Carlo has run over the years.

Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA)

  • Scientific Advisory Group for Cellular Telephony (SAG-CT) -- for the CTIA (pre-WTR). It consisted of George Carlo, Ian Munro (Cantox, Canada) and Bill Guy (Uni of Washington), and it had a:
  • Peer Review Board (PRB) created by John D Graham of the Harvard School of Public Health's Risk Analysis Center. (tobacco lobbyist)
  • Wireless Technology Research, Llc. (WTR) -- for the CTIA. This had:



Anti-cellphone radiation oganisations

  • Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI) -- Carlo is both the "Chairman" and the "Director."
  • There is a SWI travel agency (name unknown) mentioned in some SWI forms.
  • Radiation Protection Project -- in partnership with litigation lawyer Peter Angelos.
  • Environmental Illness Research group (nothing more known)
  • Help for Wireless Victims (HWV) network -- This is for the electro-sensitive. It is a franchiser of special EMF clinics in Europe and USA. It provides "access to health care via a HMO specifically for EMR victims."
  • Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Registry (MTHCR)
  • (registered Dec 2006) It is run jointly with Tamara Mariea.


BioPro EMF Protection Technologies:

They made and sold mail-order special EMF shielding devices which you stuck on the back of your mobile phone to "filter out the harmful EMFs".

  • Research Institute for Applied Bioenergetics (Nov 2006) -- created for BioPro.
  • International Journal of Clinical Bioenergetics -- Carlo was Editor-in-chief of this 'scientific journal'. He says that the SWI 'supports' the journal.


Carlo's general research operations:

  • George Carlo & Associates -- He ran this with Maurice LaVois initially, and later, independently (LaVois moved to California). It was his main business operation for some time.
  • Health and Environmental Sciences (HES) [aka Services] -- This was his main science-for-sale operation with Maurice LeVois, and later he used it also with Thorne Auchter (ex Dir. of the OSHA). The HES briefly evolved into:
  • Health and Environmental Group (HEG) (may be just a text error), which was associated with Ian Munro of Cantox on Canada. Then became:
  • Health and Environmental Science Group, Ltd. (HESG) -- This became the successor to both above.


Carlo's training institutions:

  • The Carlo Institute (CI) -- was a pseudo academic operation promoted as "A New Paradigm in Public Health Administration." It provided academic training in the management of health policy for bureaucrats, public relations practitioners and lawyers. It ran courses in media relations and in managing research funds. This evolved into the:
  • The Carlo Institute for Public Health Policy -- which "recruited and trained academic scientists for tobacco research, and taught courses on "Media Relations" and "Effective Management of Research Funds." according to Carlo's own puff-pieces. (This is probably the same as the CI)
  • Institute for Public Health Policy (IPHP) -- This is possibly also the same organisation as the above, running under a name variation.
  • EMR University (post-2007) -- it provides "professional training" in the "risks and interventions related to electromagnetic radiation exposure." Carlo is "Founder"
  • The EMR Uni Issues certificate of training as Certified Electro-Magnetic Radiation Safety Advisor ("SWI CERSA qualified")
  • It also issues other unspecified certificates.


Policy Institutions:

  • Science and Public Policy Insitute (SPPI) with multiple backers, from pharmaceuticals to radiation protection devices (Later totally owned by Carlo, and his major vehicle). It became confused with another think-tank with the same name run by Robert Ferguson. At various times Carlo's SPPI has as subsidiaries or panels such as the…
    • Polio Vaccines Advisory Panel (PVAP) -- The ISPP and PVAP later became the SPPI/PPPVAP (below). The PVAP has a variant
    • Public Policy Polio Vaccines Advisory Panel -- which Carlo ran to lobby for the pharmaceuticals industry.
    • The name seems to have been changed at one time to Science & Environmental Policy Institute (SEPI) but it disappeared quickly. S. Fred Singer had his SEPP (Science & Environmental Policy Project) which was also a climate denier operation working for the same companies.

    Pseudo Scientific & Medical Associations:

    • Institute for Science and Public Policy (ISPP)— "a wide-reaching committee of concerned scientists which advises the US government". This originally had a web-site at which has now disappeared.
    • Health Concerns Registry -- probably the same as the HRMC/MTHCR listed below.
    • Breast Implant Public Health Project (BIPHP). This was run by Carlo and Martha Embrey for Dow Corning (It may even have been legitimate enterprise which was linked to George Washington Uni)
    • Health Risk Management Group (HRMG) (1999) -- Florida based - Carlo is "Chairman" (Assumed to be a tax dodge for his Florida holiday home).


    Joint Enterprises - Adlkofer and Bowling

    This is a list of possible enterprises with Carlo as a likely participant. These are all associates of his.
    With Franz X Adlkofer - ex German tobacco researcher at the Verband)

    • Health Science Corporation -- operated by Carlo and Franz X Adlkofer This is a subsidiary of SPPI.
    • Bio Electromagnetism Research Initiative. (Carlo, Adlkofer and others in Europe.)

      With Milt Bowling and the Ducettes Bowling was a Canadian anti-cellphone activist who went into partnership with Carlo and became one of his main defenders.

    • Health Action Network Society (HANS) — run by Milt Bowling ($35/yr for members @ $180/yr for health practitioners)
    • Dynamic Weight Management Program -- Milt Bowling promotes this via HANS in Canada
    • The Institute for Healthful Adaptation (IHA) -- franchise - operates in the USA and Canada. It is run by Milt Bowling and Sharon Yates Ducette (This is a subsidiary of SPPI)
    • Institute for Health Adaptations (Note slight name difference) It operates a European franchised clinic operation.
    • Health Adaptions Dispensory -- (unknown - but linked)
    • Risk Management Partners Llc Consultancy at Grand Island New York, run with Milt Bowling, Sharon Yates Ducett and Mark Ducette (Ph 716-773-1342)
    • Neurokinetics Clinic - subsdiary of HANS with Milt Bowling. This is a combined on-line 'study' course and intermediation scam ($75).
    • Dragon Dreaming - This is a course run by John Croft via HANS (Introductory course: $200, Advanced $450)
    • Clean Energy Foundation (Canada) - Milt Bowling, President.


    Possible Carlo-associated organizations

    Some appear to be franchise operations, other offer a combination of EMF studies + intermediation. Tamara Mariea is common to most; it turns out that she is also connected to BioPro.

    • Risk Management Partners Inc. Weston, Florida [probably Carlo] (Ph 954-349-6250)
    • Pax Dispute Resolution LLC -- this outfit shares office and phone number with Nancy F Lesser and Tamara Mariea [The Carlo relationship is unknown]
    • Creating today -- offers courses in suicide mediation in Florida Jill Ungar
    • Citizens for Safe Technology - no names (Suggested donation $10 per month)
    • American Academy of Environmental Medicine - EMF/chelation therapy [with Tamara Mariea


    Carlo's Sports operations. (little known)

    He boasts about having been a football coach.

    • Sports Support Enterprises. -- It appears to provide sports expertise in coaching.
    • Protegy Sports -- probably just an associated marketing company


    Recent sitings

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    <h> 2008 Dec 31 Woman Claims Quack Put Her Through Hell. [3]