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Dr. Carlos Alberto Torres

His website is

Recent Books

  • Torres, Carlos Alberto, Moacir Gadotti, and Peter Lowds (editors). Popular Education in Latin America: Critical Perspectives. (negotiations in progress with Westview Press, Bolder, Colorado).
  • Carlos Alberto Torres (editor) (in press) La Educación en América Latina. [Buenos Aires. Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales.] Bilingual book in Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Raymond Morrow and Carlos Alberto Torres. (in press) Critical Social Theory and Education: Freire, Habermas and the Dialogical Subject. [Teachers College Press-Columbia UnIversity].
  • Torres, C. A. (in press) Estado e Educação. São Paulo, [Instituto Paulo Freire and Cortez Editor, São Paulo, Brazil].
  • Nick Burbules and Carlos Alberto Torres (editors), (2000) Education and Globalization: Critical Analysis. [New York, Routlege].
  • Karen McClafferty, Torres, C.A and Ted Mitchell (editors) (2000) Challenges of Urban Education: Sociological Perspectives for the Next Century. [SUNY Press, Albany, New York].
  • Robert Arnove and Carlos Alberto Torres (editors) (1999) Comparative Education: The Dialectics of the Global and the Local. [Lanham, Maryland.: Rowman and Littlefield.]
  • Torres, C.A and Ted Mitchell (editors) (1998) Sociology of Education: Emerging Perspectives. [SUNY Press, Albany, New York].
  • Carlos Alberto Torres (1998) Democracy, Education, and Multiculturalism. Dilemmas of Citizenship in a Multicultural Society [Lanham, Maryland; Rowman and Littlefield]
  • Torres, C. A. (1998) Education, Power, and Personal Biography. Dialogues with Critical Educators. [Including Michael Apple, Henry Giroux, Samuel Bowles, Herbert Gintis, Martin Carnoy, Gloria Lanson-Billings, Henry Levin, Maxine Greene, Jeannie Oakes, Geoff Whitty, and Paulo Freire]. [New York: Routledge]. Portuguese translation: Artes Médicas, Porto Alegre, Brazil.(1999)

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