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Carl Masters official biography says that he "is CEO and co-founding Principal of GoodWorks International. "He negotiates and coordinates all client engagements and provides strategic advisory services to several governments. As President and CEO of GWI, Carl Masters plays the lead role in engagements joining numerous Fortune 500 companies with Caribbean and African nations. In the majority of these engagements, Mr. Masters forges new partnerships and facilitates positive interaction between the public and private sectors, relying heavily on his strong and long-established relationships in both sectors. Before forming GoodWorks, Mr. Masters enjoyed a lengthy and successful career in international banking. He held executive positions with the Bank of Montreal in financial centers across North America, Europe and the Caribbean, and was appointed Agent General and Deputy Minister for Trade to the U. S. on behalf of the government of Ontario, Canada. Mr. Masters complements his knowledge and experience by maintaining strong ties with many institutions and individuals within corporate, governmental and financial domains. Mr. Masters is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bretton Woods Committee and 100 Black Men of America. He actively serves on the boards of AFRICARE and the Southern Africa Enterprise Development Fund.“ [1]

"Mr. Masters is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bretton Woods Committee and the 100 Black Men of America. He actively serves on the boards of the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation, the Corporate Council on Africa, the Africa Society, the Southern Africa Enterprise Development Fund, the Africa America Institute and the American Foundation for the University of the West Indies." [1] also see

GoodWorks in Nigeria

The New York Times examines the role of GoodWorks International in Nigeria, reporting that "GoodWorks is paid to represent many major companies like Chevron, General Electric and Motorola that seek big contracts from the Nigerian government. In addition, executives of GoodWorks have stakes in Nigeria’s oil industry, the country’s main source of wealth. And several years ago, the firm’s chief executive, Carlton A. Masters, started an American company with close relatives of President Obasanjo ... .Mr. Masters said that GoodWorks typically received a 'success fee' equal to 1 ½ percent of a contract’s value, a fee that can lead to big payouts. In 2005, for example, G.E. Energy, a GoodWorks client, won a $400 million contract to supply generating turbines in Nigeria." [2]

Sexual Harassment Scandal

While serving as Agent General for the government of Ontario, numerous allegations of sexual harassment were made against Mr. Masters. An investigation conducted by an outside law firm concluded that Mr. Masters had sexually harassed seven women, and Mr. Masters subsequently resigned his position. The Superior and Divisional Courts in Ontario dismissed his lawsuit against the government where he alleged that the investigation procedure violated his rights to privacy and procedural fairness.[2]

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