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Note on Baganuur plants A & b

I couldn't find evidence that these new coal plants had ever been proposed at least under that name. I suspect that what they were referring to were two coal-to-liquids projects both at Baganuur. The previous page Baganuur A plant has been redirected to Baganuur IGCC (Petrovis), a new page created on Baganuur IGCC (POSCO/MCS) and the lead par from the Baganuur B page posted below. And the most common usage seems to be Baganuur. --Bob Burton (talk) 00:35, 7 July 2014 (EDT)

Baga Nuur B power station is a 400-megawatt (MW) coal plant in Baganuur, Tov province in Mongolia.[1] (Baga Nuur is also referred to as Baga-nuur and Baganuur).

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