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China Perspective, Inc.

According to Ralph McGehee, China Perspective Inc. received aid from the NED between 1984 and 1990 to "continue publication of "The Chinese Intellectual" (TCI) and support for Chinese students in west. Launched in 84 with NED support, TCI is a Chinese language quarterly promoting open discussion of democra tic values, institutions and issues important to China. Originally targeted at mainland students studying in West, Journal moved its offices from New York to Beijing in 88 and began distribution in China. Center in Beijing hosted discussions on democracy in China. In wake of June 3-4, 89 events in Tiananmen square, editorial offices moved back to New York and China Perspective has begun providing support for Chinese students in West who cannot, for political reasons, return to China. National Endowment fo r Democracy Annual Report 89 16, 90 20." [1]

McGehee also notes that ""Chinese Intellectual," launched with NED support in 84. Magazine published in New York city by a group of writers and scholars from China. Editor is Liang Heng, who authored "son of the revolution." Editorial board composed of distingu ished American and Chinese writers — John K. Fairbanks and Andrew Nathan, Sidney hook, and social scientists Irving Horowitz and Seymour Martin Lisped. Original target audience was More than 10,000 students from China. Magazine opening office in Beijin g. National endowment for democracy annual report 1985 23-4"

According to Media Transparency, between 1987 and 1993 China Perspective, Inc. has received seven grants (worth a total of $290,000) from the neoconservative Bradley Foundation. [2]

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