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Christian Aid

"In the aftermath of World War II, British and Irish church leaders met, determined to do everything possible to help European refugees who had lost everything.

"The name they gave themselves was Christian Reconstruction in Europe. Their purpose was not to evangelise, but to alleviate suffering for ordinary people, no matter what their faith.

"Christian Reconstruction in Europe became a department of the British Council of Churches, and was eventually renamed the Department of Interchurch Aid and Refugee Service. In a decade, it raised £29,000. 1950s

"Janet Lacey became president in 1952. Her appointment stamped a mark of courage, honesty and determination on the organisation that has remained ever since. Some clerics thought her views too radical, but Lacey was not going to allow faint-hearts to get in the way of her aim to ‘combat poverty’ across the world...

"We began to look beyond Europe and expanded our remit to support development work in newly independent nations in Africa and Asia, and respond to emergencies worldwide. We were involved in the creation of Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) – an organisation dedicated to sending skilled volunteers to work in the developing world – and providing grants for Palestinian, Chinese and Korean refugees." [1]


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