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Claire Greensfelder, Deputy Director for Communications, Development, and Special Projects International Forum on Globalization.

"Claire Greensfelder is a former Nuclear Free Future Campaign director for Greenpeace USA and a lifelong peace, ecology and justice activist, writer, editor and radio journalist based in Northern California. She graduated from UC Berkeley with an emphasis on environmental education in 1975 and has spent 27 years organizing locally, nationally and internationally for a phase-out of nuclear power and weapons and promotion of renewables, energy efficiency, conservation and nonviolent resolution to conflict. Claire is the co-founder and executive director, together with artist Mayumi Oda, of the Plutonium Free Future International Women's Network - a project of INOCHI - a Japanese/US NGO focused on nuclear and energy policy. Claire most recently collaborated with Congresswoman Barbara Lee to create the Martin Luther King, Jr. Freedom Center for Nonviolence, Equality, Youth and Ecology in Oakland California." [1]

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