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The Claremont Institute (for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy and lobbying) was a right-wing think-tank that pretended to be an educational institution. It was a component in the Atlas Group network. It worked extensively for the tobacco industry and received substantial donations: duringthe years 1996 and 1997 Philip Morris gave them $25,000 each year as a basic retainer. Project fees were obviously paid on top of this.

Their spokesperson in the 1990s was Bruce Herchensohn, an op-ed writer and would-be Senator for California. He was also on the National Board of Advisors of the National Smokers Alliance -- and was an Advisory Board member on the American Smokers Alliance (maybe also on the International Smokers Rights organisation.) He was always available to the tobacco industry when someone was needed. [2]

Claremont Institute
Bruce Herschensohn
Lawrence P Arnn
Golden Gate Center

The Claremont Institute is listed along with the Cato Institute, the Heartland Institute, Manhattan Institute, the Independent Institute, and George Mason University as the most reliable supporters for the cigarette industry in its dying days. [3]

Documents & Timeline

1993 Dec Someone has ghosted an op-ed article for Bruce Herschensohn on the issue of the EPA and second-hand smoke. It is headed:
"Smoking Ban Would Mean More Economic Pain"
He (or rather the ghost writer) is railing against the EPA's ETS Risk Assessment that has labeled second-hand smoke as carcinogenic. Apparently it was likely to cause a collapse in the Californian economy. [4]

1994-95 American Smokers Alliance

Note: there are 1074 references to American Smoker's Alliance, 6327 to National Smoker's Alliance, and 71 refs to International Smokers Rights


  • W Thomas Humber - President & CEO (Burson-Marsteller)
  • Jeanie R Austin former co-Chairman of Republican National Committee (Jeanie Austin & Associates) Orlando Florida
  • David M Nummy former Ass Sec for Management, CFO US Dept of Treasury. Advisor to International Republican Institute.
  • Virginia E Sagredo (Sec/Treas - Executive VP COO NSA) ex Black Manafort Stone & Kelly lobbyist
  • Charles W Sydnor Jr (CEO Central Virginia Educations Telecoms, Corp (owns 5 TV stations and a public radio station in central Virginia


1999 Feb 25 Philip Morris is circulating a 17 page listing of their preparatory work in defending against a Department of Justice Suit;
External Affairs (Philip Morris - Mobilization Universe)
This lists all the allies they can call upon. [6]