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Clean Energy America (CEA) is a program launched by the Nuclear Energy Institute industry group in 2008.

CEA's website describes the program as "a group of nuclear energy experts who volunteer their time to raise awareness about the benefits of nuclear energy as a clean, reliable and affordable source of energy." The website does state, "Clean Energy America is sponsored by the Nuclear Energy Institute." [1]

A September 2008 news article described Clean Energy America as "33 individuals in a wide variety of professional backgrounds selected from a slate of 70 candidates to speak to organizations across the nation about the safety, reliability and efficiency of nuclear power production." Participants, such as Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station employee Robert Klindworth of Ohio, are tasked with "visiting college campuses and speaking venues, building awareness of energy issues in general and nuclear energy in particular, in an effort to reach new and diverse audiences and answer the public's questions." [2]

A February 2009 press release from Clean Energy America linked CEA participants' visit to Wisconsin with the state's restrictions on building new nuclear power plants. "Wisconsin legislators are considering lifting the moratorium on building new nuclear plants in the state, providing an opportunity for communities that host new nuclear plants to generate hundreds of new, long-term jobs," the press release opens. "Clean Energy America (CEA), a new program comprised of young energy experts in the nuclear field, will meet with college students, civic groups and the news media in, Madison, Tuesday February 24, to discuss the benefits of nuclear energy." [3]

News coverage of CEA's Wisconsin events also emphasized lifting the moratorium: "Representatives of the nuclear power industry are urging Wisconsin to lift its ban on construction of nuclear reactors," reported the Journal Sentinel. "Legislation is expected to be introduced that would relax the state's ban on construction of reactors as part of a broader plan to reduce greenhouse gases." [4]

Public relations

In some Clean Energy America press releases, the email given for CEA contact Allison Sparks is asparks AT [5] That domain belongs to the PR firm Smith & Harroff, which names the Nuclear Energy Institute as one of its clients. [6] CEA's given phone number [7] and address [8] (see "contact information," below) are also associated with the Smith & Harroff firm. Moreover, CEA's website URL was registered by Rick Morris of Smith & Harroff. [9]

Smith & Harroff previously set up similar programs for NEI and other nuclear power companies. The firm's website states, "Our first nuclear industry speakers bureau was the Westinghouse Campus America program. In 1982, that program, became an industry-wide effort known as the Nuclear Energy Institute's Energy America Program." [6]


Clean Energy America's "volunteer contributors to our site and blog" who "work in the nuclear energy field" are: [10]

Contact information

Allison Sparks
Clean Energy America
99 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 310
Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone: 703-740-1755
Email: allisons AT

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