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CSLB Attempting to Change the Narrative on Joint-Employer Rule

The Coalition to Save Local Businesses (CSLB) is a coalition of pro-corporate organizations and trade associations, formed with the help of the International Franchise Association, that opposes the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) "joint-employer rule" -- a ruling that holds large corporations that operate franchises jointly accountable with franchise owners for employment conditions.[1] CSLB attempts to change the narrative surrounding the NLRB joint-employer rule from joint accountability for franchisors and franchisees to the idea that this rule allows franchisors more control over franchisees or that this rule will cause small businesses to close, despite small businesses already having sole liability for employment conditions in the absence of the joint-employer rule.[1]

The IFA appears to have operational control of the CSLB, which recently named IFA's Vice President for Regulatory Affairs, Michael Layman, the Executive Director of CSLB.[2] CSLB's website,, was registered on December 24, 2014 by Sajjad Khan of the IFA. The registration information for the website lists the registrant and administrator of the website as the IFA.[3] CSLB Executive Director Layman currently works for both IFA and CSLB and will be a "day-to-day liaison" between CSLB members and Congress.[2] Further, IFA President and CEO Stephen Caldeira recently encouraged thousands of attendees at the 2015 IFA annual convention to become active in initiatives such as CSLB.[4]

CSLB also has ties to the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA).[5]

CSLB describes itself as "a diverse group of locally owned, independent small businesses, associations and organizations that have joined together to protect all of America's small businesses that have fueled our nation's economic growth for decades."[6] It states that it is "dedicated to protecting and strengthening all sectors of small business, in particular the franchise business model."[1]

CSLB maintains its internet presence at Along with hosting information and articles posted by CSLB, has a page that will look up a visitor's representatives and then allow that visitor to send a pre-written, anti-NLRB letter to each representative.[7]

As of April 2015, there was little data available on this relatively new group's actual revenue or expenses.

Coalition Members

  • Dexter & Djenane Bartholomew, Golden Corral Franchisee
  • Stephen Bienko, College Hunks Hauling Junk Franchisee
  • Herv Breault, Philly Pretzel Factory Franchisee
  • Lani Dolifka, Watermill Express Franchisor
  • Steve Duprey, Choice Hotels Franchisee
  • Clint Ehlers, FASTSIGNS Franchisee
  • Aslam Khan, Falcon Holdings CEO
  • Saundra Kitchen, Mr. Rooter Franchisee
  • Gerald Moore, The Little Gym Franchisee
  • Tabbassum Mumtaz, Apex Brands Owner
  • Matthew Patinkin, Double P Corporation Co-Founder
  • John Sims, Rainbow Station Franchisee
  • Brooke and Les Wilson, Two Men and a Truck Franchisee

Partner Organizations:

Contact Information

Email: or
Phone: (202)499-0148[8]

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