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The Department of Defense's Combined Press Information Center (CPIC) in Baghdad oversees the media offensive, including the Iraqi Media Engagement Team, in Iraq.

The CPIC is commanded by Lt. Col. Steven Boylan, "spokesperson for the U.S. military in Iraq and Director of Combined Press Information Center." [1]

The Mission

According to the December 10, 2004, issue of The Shaw Spirit, a U.S. Air Force publication, "the information war has many levels. ... The airwave battle includes logistical, offensive and defensive roles; and Airman in Iraq are in the thick of the information war fighting on each of these fronts. From a logistical standpoint, the service members at Armed Forces Network are key players. They run the local radio station and produce segments for the Pentagon Channel."

"Offensively the warriors send out press releases, arrange press conferences, do interviews and arrange for media embeds within units. 'From the offensive side, we also prepare public affairs guidance for spokesmen,' said Tech. Sgt. Eric Grill, NCO in charge of the Combined Press Information Center. 'That way no matter where the reporter turns the person answering them has the facts and proper information to answer questions. Information is an important tool a commander has in his arsenal.' ...

"Bias one way or another is seen in media outlets in Iraq and at home. But, the Airmen waging the information war in Iraq try to avoid this pitfall. Just as pilots engage a target with precision guided munitions to limit impact to the surroundings, so do the Airman who deal with the media engage in their battle with bias.

"'We try to avoid bias and simply send out the facts. Every story has multiple sides, and we tell the Multi-National Forces side,' said Tech. Sgt. Grill."

MNF-Iraq CPIC Website

The Multi-National Corps-Iraq website "is provided as a service of the MNF-Iraq Combined Press Information Center."

Contact Information

Telephone: 703 270-0299
Email: cpicpressdesk AT

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