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The Communitarian Network, a "non-partisan, transnational, not-for-profit network of Communitarians," was formed in 1993 by Amitai Etzioni, who has served continuously as the Network's director. [1]

According to the Network's web site, "in the late 1980s, a growing number of academicians and social commentators began to notice a breakdown in the moral fabric of society. Attributing this condition to an excessive emphasis on individualism in the public sphere, they recognized the need for a social philosophy that at once protected individual rights and attended to corresponding responsibilities to the community. Transcending the stalemate between left and right, this new 'responsive communitarian' philosophy articulated a middle way between the politics of radical individualism and excessive statism. [2]

"In 1990, a group of academicians and social thinkers came together to formulate the core ideas they shared, spelled out in the Responsive Communitarian Platform, and to spur the movement toward a recasting of the social and moral foundations of society. A quarterly journal, The Responsive Community: Rights and Responsibilities, was founded in 1991 to provide a forum for the development and exploration of Communitarian ideas." [3]


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