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Compassiongate is a term based on the many uses of the suffix -gate, as in Watergate with which it is most commonly associated. It is currently being employed by the Compassiongate web site in an attempt to describe and explain the Compassionate Conservatism, i.e. the Compassionate Conservatism, of the Bush administration which Compassiongate sees as "the dearth (but not lack) of a conscience."

The Compassiongate web site, a sister site to, "a news analysis, commentary and personal opinion website ... kicked off on 9-2-02," explains:

"But jokes aside, the period stretching from approximately the mid-1990s to 2004 (or 2008 if President Bush gets re-elected) is likely to be one of the most useful periods for Americans who actually care about America - for it is a period that has exposed the real 'principles' and 'family values' of ultra-right wing fruitcakes masquerading as Conservatives, and all their myriad supporters including many in the Compassionate Media. What has become readily apparent is that their judgments on 'principles' and 'family values' apply to everyone except their own families and those that they support.
"This period also represents a sad and unnecessary moral decay of the Republican Party (as opposed to its political rise), but has probably led to an ironical, unintentional, 'reverse-McCarthyite' effect--a tremendous opportunity for historians to document the name of every fruitcake who has come out of the woodwork and participated in undemocratic and un-American excesses during this period. So, my advice is this: sharpen your pencils (so to speak) and make notes for the history books."

Also: "Note that Compassionate statements made by Mr. Bush's spokespersons, advisers or appointees - speaking clearly on behalf of Mr. Bush - are considered as being supported by Mr. Bush, absent a public statement to the contrary."

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