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Connected Nation states on its website that it "specializes in increasing broadband access and computer literacy. We are closing the digital divide. Through public-private partnerships, we make the cost of technology expansion go down and the demand for technology go up. It is a comprehensive approach that delivers dramatic results and creates new opportunities for Americans to live and work with more ease and benefit."[1]

According to, the group's website was registered on March 5, 2005 by a Texas-based web company.[2]


It lists eight people as comprising its "leadership team" and a further 22 staff on its website, so must have a substantial operating budget. However, Connected Nation provides no details of who is funding the organization on its website. While a biographical note of the group's CEO states that it is a "non-profit organization"[3], it is not listed in Guidestar, a database on U.S. non-profit groups.

In a profile prepared for journalists, Connected Nation poses as one of its "Frequently Asked Questions" "How is Connected Nation funded?" it cryptically responds that "Connected Nation is primarily funded through public-private partnerships." It provides no details of what exactly the partnerships are or who they are with.[4]


Contact Details

Connected Nation
444 North Capitol Street
Washington, DC 20001
Email: info AT
Phone: 877-846-7710

Articles and Resources


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