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Consumers Defense is the 501(c)(4) arm of Consumers' Research, one of the main players in the manufactured crisis against “woke capitalism;” environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment standards; and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Consumers Defense was formed in 2022, and is legally domiciled in Wyoming.

Consumers Defense claims that ESG policies work “against the self-interest of the state’s hardworking citizens and the state itself.”[1] Will Hild, the group’s executive director, said in an interview with Politico that “we decided it made sense to launch a 501(c)4 that can endorse legislation, that can be very specific about how we talk to legislators and government officials.”[2]

It has two main projects according to its website and its initial IRS filing:

  • Tracking ESG legislation: this project tracks ESG legislation in the legislative years in 2022 and 2023. According to the website, Consumers Defense is “currently tracking 315 bills.”[3]
  • Promoting model anti-ESG legislation: the two pieces of model legislation as of December 2023 include model bills to “protect” “your state’s pensions, retirements, and investments” and “your state’s contracts.”[1]

Consumer Defense’s total expenses in its founding year were used to engage in “educational efforts,” including creating its organizational website, publishing its ESG legislation tracker, the “drafting and sharing of model legislation,” and distributing $100,000 in grants to “other organizations,” which was entirely sent to Heritage Action.[4] Hild has said in an interview that the group aims to operate with an $8 million budget, similar in size to that of Consumers Research.[2]

News and Controversies

Founded to Take On ESG Investing

Consumers Defense was launched with the explicit intent to combat ESG investing policies. “We needed a vehicle by which we could be very explicit in the ways in which consumers’ interests should be protected from ESG,” executive director Will Hild said in an interview a few days after the nonprofit’s founding.[2] Its initial efforts have been focused on tracking ESG legislation, promoting model anti-ESG legislation, and funding anti-ESG groups such as Heritage Action.

Grants Distributed

According to its most recent tax filings, Consumers Defense has distributed the following grants:


Core Financials


  • Total Revenue: $175,153
  • Total Expenses: $118,194
  • Net Assets: $56,959


As of December 2022:[4]

  • Will Hild: President, Treasurer, and Director
  • Keith Lamphier: Secretary and Director
  • Alexander McCobin: Vice President and Director

Contact Information

EIN: 92-0672074

Principle Office:
[5] 11921 Freedom Drive
Two Fountain Square, Suite 550
Reston, VA 20190

Mailing Address:
Consumers Defense
1801 F. St.
Washington, DC 20006

Phone: 202-907-4685

Resources and Articles

IRS Filings



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