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The Council on Middle Eastern Affairs, was a group promoted by the PR company Benador Associates. The Council on Middle Eastern Afairs was reportedly based in New York and in September 2002 appeared before the House Armed Services Committee. [1]

A profile in Washington Diplomat, stated that Dr. Khidhir Hamza "has helped establish a research and advocacy group called the Council on Middle Eastern Affairs to generate ideas on how to help the region. Hamza said the council is designed to promote democracy and civil society in the Middle East. It is advocating policies that encourage the rule of law, liberal democracy, the separation of church and state and economic growth."[2]

However, as of September 2004 the original weblinks for the group no longer operate and the domian name registration - - has lapsed. An opinion column contributed by Durán to the Washington Times in January 2004 made no mention of the organization.


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