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Crowell and Moring (C&M) is a major law firm.

A 1993 internal budget review document for the Philip Morris group of companies had Crowell and Moring with a preliminary budget allocation of $150,000.

Describing the project, the document states, "Victor Schwartz, partner of C&M, serves as a legal consultant to the Consumer Products Tort Coalition and separately serves as a legal tort consultant to the PM Family. His PM related assignments are articulated by Chuck Wall. Mr Schwartz is a nationally recognised legal scholar and advises federal and state tort coalitions and public officials." [1]

Crowell and Moring is handling accounts for several private military contractors operating in Iraq including Blackwater USA, Triple Canopy Inc., DynCorp International, and Erinys International Ltd. The lead partner at C&M handling these accounts is David Hammond [2]

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