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Dalton Wright "has had a distinguished career in the radio and newspaper publishing business for over 35 years, during which time he has founded over a dozen news organizations and established a reputation for savvy in building up local organizations that serve community interests. He is currently president and owner of Ozark Media, a holding company that includes seven newspapers, thirteen niche publications, KFLW radio station and an internet service provider company that serves 14 communities. Mr. Wright’s professional standing is reflected in his election to leadership positions in numerous newspaper and community associations. A past president and convention chairman of the National Newspaper Association, he has also served on its board of directors and several of its committees. He is also past president of the Missouri Press Association, the Missouri Associated Dailies, the Ozark Press Association, the Central Press Association and the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Wright recently served as a volunteer consultant to Pact’s program in Mongolia, advising new media organizations on business development and program opportunities. Mr. Wright currently serves as a Civilian Aide to Secretary of the Army, Missouri State Government Review Commission and St. John’s Lebanon Missouri hospital board. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri and a retired Colonel as well as a past Aviation Brigade Commander and helicopter pilot in the Missouri Army National Guard. He served five years as a naval aviator, including a tour in Vietnam as an A6 Intruder Pilot." [1]

He is a director of Pact.

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