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Professor Daniel I. Rubenstein, "professor and chair, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and director Program in African Studies. Rubenstein's research focuses on decision making by animals, studying how an individual's foraging, mating, and social behavior are influenced by its phenotype, ecological circumstances, and the actions of other individuals in the population. Searching for general principles that underlie complex patterns of behavior, he develops mathematical models to generate predictions that can be tested using data gathered from structured field observations or experimental manipulations. His most recent research on the adaptive value of behavior has centered on understanding the social dynamics of equids—horses, zebras, and asses. Ongoing research awards include Water, Savannas, and Society in Sub-Saharan Africa and Technology for the Developing Regions, both funded by the PIIRS Inderdisciplinary Research Initiative; Oxford-Princeton Partnership Development: Tracking Animals for Conservation; and grants from the National Science Foundation for improvements at the Mpala Research Center in Kenya, and for collaborative research. Ph.D Duke University, 1988." [1]

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