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Daniel Jaffe is the Executive Vice President for the American Newspaper Association. He chooses to operate his lobby efforts through fake think-tanks like the Friends of Commercial Speech. This was yet another phantom think-tank run by the tobacco industry in association the alcohol, media groups and advertising interests to protect their right to advertise their products.

Documents & Timeline

1986 Sep The Communications division of the TI Monthly Reports lists some of the Tobacco Institute's achievements in getting stories opposing the Synar advertising-ban bill into newspapers:

Additionally, Scott Stapf (assistant to the president to the TI) has arranged consultant/ally (ie paid supporters) interviews for the following:

  • Barry Lynn, ACLUJ, with Mike Ward, Tulsa Tribune, 6/9/86.
  • Barry Lynn, ACLU, with Bill Kronholn, AP, 6/9/86.
  • Dan Jaffe, ANA, with Bill Kronholm, AP, 6/9/86.
  • Wally Snyder, AAAA, with Bill Kronhols, AP, 6/9/86.
  • Barry Lynn, ACLU, with Janet Meyers, Ad Ace, 6/9/86.
  • Wally Snyder, AAAA, with Janet Myers, Ad Aae
  • Barry Lynn, ACLU, with Dianne Oianelli, American Medical News, 6/9/B6.
  • Barry Lynn, ACLU, with Jerry Badlander, AP Radio, 6/9/86.
  • Wally Snyder, AAA, with Jerry Badlander, AP, 6/9/86.
  • Barry Lynn, ACLU, with Stove Colford, Ad Week, 6/9/86. [2]
If Lynn was doing this media work out of the goodness of his heart he was a very generous man with his time.

1990 Jun 12 Friends of Commercial Speech, Inc (512 Eleventh Street, SE Washington --- Fax (202) 544 0966) are circulating to the Tobacco Institute a computerized form letter trying to promote the idea that they are under attack from Al Gore and Joseph P Kennedy II. to

  1. Professional athletic organizations
  2. Olympic sports
  3. Amateur sports organization.

This operation is being run by

1990 Aug 3 Sam Chilcote at the Tobacco Institute has advised the Members of the Executive Committee of plans to develop a celebrity speakers program using academics and other expert consultants. They offer the speakers both money and personal/companypromotion:

[W]hile it is clear that there are a number of individuals who can and are speaking out on our issues independent of The Institute, there also is much more that could be done. There are, for example, opportunities to develop higher profiles for those individuals with whom we enjoy an existing relationship, and to increase within the media an awareness of their availability.

There also are a number of individuals who have been identified who do not currently have a relationship with the industry, but whose views appear to be compatible with our own.
  Should the Executive Committee decide that it wants to proceed with an expansion of our speakers' program, these individuals would be contacted to determine their interest in our issues. The addition of new speakers to our program will be expensive.
  Most of these individuals command substantial consulting fees; media and other activity will require a new commitment of funds, although an exact amount cannot be determined until candidates have been approached.
He then lists:

  • Authors, newscasters and newspaper columnists
  • Well-known politicians, political aides, White House staffers, State authorities, agency administrators, etc
  • Heads of various coalition groups (American Advertising Federation. etc)
  • legal and business academics from Savarese's network list.
  • 'risk assessment' academics and promoters.
  • experts in indoor air pollution and ventilation systems.
  • academic economists (the Cash-for-Comments economists network)
  • Many other collaborators and some likely allies:

This consultant (Barry Lynn) along with about a hundred others, is thought to be a potential speaker.

The category heading was :- First Amendment/Constitutional Issues/Advertising Issues
Tobacco Institute list

    • Martin Redish -- University of Chicago law professor, Redish already appears in the broadcast and print media on advertising and other Constitutional issues.
    • Burt Neuborne -- Neuborne has represented the ACLU, the Freedom to Advertise Coalition and the tobacco industry in Congress and in media forums on Constitutional issues.
    • Floyd Abrams -- This pre-eminent First Amendment scholar has been most accommodating in Congressional and media appearances to defend the industry's right to advertise its products.
  • James Dickinson -- This former Washington Post political writer might speak out against efforts to censor free speech through advertising bans and restrictions.
    Philip Morris List [All PM consultants]
    • HOWARD H BELL, president of the American Advertising Federation, Washington
    • DANIEL L JAFFE, executive vice president of government relations, Association of National Advertisers, Washington
    • PHILIP KURLAND, professor of law, University of Chicago
    • BARRY W LYNN, legislative counsel, American Civil Liberties Union
    • BERT NEUBORNE professor of law, New York University School of Law, formerly national legal director, American Civil Liberties Union
    • MARTIN H. REDISH , professor of law, Northwestern University
    • RICHARD MIZERSKI, professor of marketing, Florida State University, former FTC staff member
    • ROGER D BLACKWELL , professor of marketing, Ohio State University and president of Blackwell Associates, a marketing consulting company
    • DR. J. J. BODDEWYN , professor of marketing and international business, Baruch College of City University of New York.

[Note: An attached TI note says that the consultants on the above list: "have existing relationships that allows them to testify, conduct media tours, write op-eds, etc. as appropriate ."] [4]

[Note: In tobacco industry jargon "Constitutional Issues" refers to the "Freedom to Advertise" or so-called "Commerical Free Speech" projects which were run (often for free) in the print and broadcast media.]