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David Lawrence Hill was born on November 11, 1919 in Booneville, Mississippi. He received his B.A. in June 1942 at the California Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. in 1951 at the Princeton University. Mr. Hill worked with Enrico Fermi in building the first nuclear chain reactor. Later he was Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and president or chairman of several companies like Physical Science Corporation, Nanosecond Systems, Particle Measurements, Integrated Total Systems, and Southport Computers.

David L. Hill was until 2000 a member of the board of S. Fred Singer's Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) but he is now (August 2004) still listed on the SEPP-site as a member of that board. He was replaced in the board by Mark Brandsdorfer. [1]

Current positions:

  • Chairman, Advisory Committee to the Alliance for American Innovation
  • President, Valutron N.V. (Netherlands Antilles)
  • President, Patent Enforcement Fund, Inc. (PEF) in Southport, Connecticut
  • President, Harbor Research Corporation (HRC) in Southport, Connecticut

A person called 'Fred Singer' is linked to Valutron N.V. in a case initiated by shareholders of PEF against David L. Hill for money of PEF being siphoned, through Valutron and HRC, to Hill. "[The] district court (Judge Peter Dorsey) entered a default judgment of $4,039,800.30 against HRC and in favor of plaintiffs on March 31, 1999." [2]

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