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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

"David Shepherd is known internationally as an artist and ambassador for wildlife. In 1960 he become a conservationist overnight when he witnessed 255 zebra lying dead around a poisoned waterhole in Tanzania. Since then, with the help of supporters across the world, the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) has given away over £3million in grants to save critically endangered mammals in their wild habitat and benefit the local people who share their environment.

"DSWF is an adaptable and flexible, non-bureaucratic organisation responding promptly to conservation threats by supporting trusted, reputable individuals and organisations operating in the field." [1]

Who's Who

Accessed December 2011: [2]



Honorary Vice Presidents


Trading Company Directors

Conservation Advisor:

  • Mark Carwardine

Captain of Young Friends

  • Gary Lineker OBE


Web: http://www.davidshepherd.org

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