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David Taylor, 51, is a former Principal Speaker of the Green Party UK. "This is his fourth time as a euro-candidate. In 1999 and 2004 he headed the South West list. In 1999 the South West Greens won nearly 8.4% of the vote, the highest Green vote in the country. Unlike in London and the South East this did not lead to David's election as an MEP because the South West region was only electing seven MEPs.

"David has worked as regional director of the ‘No' campaign against British membership of the European Single Currency. He has also worked as an assistant to an Independent MEP who was a member of the Fisheries and Budget Control committees. This involved work in Brussels...

"David has run for the local council on many occasions. Currently he works with the 'Be The Change' network presenting workshops on the crises facing the world and the need for change. He also works with a local ‘Climate Solutions' company to support a series of public meetings in the local community. He is treasurer of Mendip Green Party.

"His company runs conference/retreat venue in Somerset. The company recently won the Kindred Spirit ‘best centre and retreat' award for their centre in Somerset. He has two children." [1]

In the 1980s, he founded the Green Gatherings festival.


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