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DefendAmerica was a U.S. Department of Defense program which was described as "keeping the American people informed and involved in the global war against terrorism".

In March 2003 the American Forces Press Service reported that the "DefendAmerica outreach program was created immediately following the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on America to provide speakers for community groups and organizations holding public events on national defense. Speakers talk about the continuing war against terrorism." The report listed Brent Krueger and Eric Holland as contacts for "anyone interested in hosting an event featuring a Department of Defense speaker".[1]

Krueger was, at least in 2003, the director for community relations and public liaison in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. The then-Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs was Victoria Clarke.[2]

The DefendAmerica website -- subsititled "U.S. Department of Defense News About the War on Terrorism" -- states that the "'Send Your Thanks to the U.S. Military' campaign which began in May 2002 has ended. The Department of Defense has a new campaign "America Supports You" which spotlights what Americans are doing all across the land, encourages others to join the team and allows all to tell their stories by giving voice and visibility to their efforts. You will be redirected shortly to".[3]

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