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Didier Jacobs "is the Special Advisor to the President of Oxfam America. Previously, he held positions as Finance Manager of the Liberia Mission of Doctors Without Borders (during the civil war) and Secretary General of United Students for Europe (a students' society affiliated with the European Peoples Party, the second largest party in the European Parliament). Mr. Jacobs earned a B.A. and a M.A. in economics as well as an A.A. in philosophy from Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium). He also received a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

"Mr. Jacobs is most knowledgeable in regards to international institutions, such as the International Criminal Court and the United Nations and its programs. Additionally, he is strongly interested in the issue of how to deal with terrorism, the proliferation of WMDs, and the states the U.S. considers as potential or actual enemies.

"Mr. Jacobs organized a workshop on global democracy with WFA in 2003 with Heather Hamilton. He has also written an article on global democracy which he is elaborating upon and turning into a book (www.new-rules.org/docs/afterneolib/jacobs.pd)" [1]

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