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Don Campbell is a public relations spokesman for Chevron.

In April 2008 he was a part of the PR team that sought to counter the adverse publicity from a Goldman Environmental Prize being awarded to Pablo Fajardo and Luis Yanza for their role in a legal challenge against the environmental impact of Texaco operations in Ecuador between 1964 and 1992. (Chevron took over Texaco in 2001). "We feel these guys are nothing but con men," Campbell told Associated Press.[1] (For the full details of Chevron's crisis management response see Chevron Plays 'Victim' To Deflect Media Coverage of Goldman Award for Ecuadorian Activists

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  1. Michael Liedtke, "Chevron sharpens attacks in legal battle", Newsweek, April 14, 2008. (This is an Associated Press story).

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