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Donald Fisher is a professor and Co-Director at the Centre for Policy Studies in Higher Education and Training, in the Department of Educational Studies, at the University of British Columbia. [1]

His PhD was "The impact of American foundations on the development of British university education, 1900-1939", Thesis (Ph. D. in Education)--University of California, Berkeley, June 1977.


Exchange with Martin Bulmer

  • Donald Fisher, "The Role of Philanthropic Foundations in the Reproduction and Production of Hegemony," Sociology 17 (1983).; "Boundary Work: Toward a Model of the Relation of Power/Knowledge," Knowledge 10 (1988): 156-76
  • Martin Bulmer, "Philanthropic Foundations and the Development of the Social Sciences: A Reply to Donald Fisher," Sociology 18 (1984): 572-79
  • Donald Fisher, "Philanthropic Foundations and the Social Sciences: A Response to Martin Bulmer," Sociology, 18 (1984): 581-87.

Other Articles

  • Donald Fisher, "Rockefeller Philanthropy: And the Rise of Social Anthropology", Anthropology Today, Vol. 2, No. 1 (Feb., 1986), pp. 5-8.

Recent Articles

  • Fisher, D., Rubenson, K., Jones, G., & Shanahan, T. (2008). The political economy of post-secondary education: A comparison of British Columbia, Ontario and Québec. Higher Education.
  • Fisher, D., & Edwards, G. (2007). Histoire sociale de la Société canadienne pour l’étude de l’éducation: La reconnaissance du champ l’étude de l’éducation. Ottawa: Société canadienne pour l’étude de l’éducation/Canadian Society for the Study of Education.
  • Chan, A. S., Fisher, D., & Rubenson, K. (Eds.) (2007). The evolution of professionalism: Educational policy in the Provinces and Territories of Canada. Vancouver: Centre for Policy Studies in Higher Education and Training.
  • Fisher, D., Rubenson, K., Bernatchez, J., Clift, R., Jones, G., Lee, J., MacIvor, M., Meredith, J., Shanahan, T., & Trottier, C. (2006). Canadian federal policy and postsecondary education. Vancouver: Centre for Policy Studies in Higher Education and Training.
  • Fisher, D. (2006). The social sciences at Bishop’s University: The professoriate and changes in academic culture, 1050-1985. In P.J. Stortz and E. Lisa Panayotides, (Eds). Historical identities: The Professoriate in Canada (pp. 158-182). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

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