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Drew Ryun, son of former Kansas Republican Representative Jim Ryun, who served in the House of Representatives for 10 years, was a Deputy Director at the Republican National Committee and is now "the president of the 501(c)(4) arm," American Majority Action, "that can engage in more politically tinged activities" than his twin brother Ned Ryun's American Majority, which is "registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) political training institute."[1][2] He has been Executive Director of the American Majority branches in Texas and Oklahoma, but isn't currently listed in any of the staff directories on the American Majority website.[3][4]

Media Trackers

According to Politico, American Majority sponsors Media Trackers, an investigative non-profit that launched in January 2011 in Wisconsin, which "has gotten considerable in-state pick-up on quick-hit videos and pieces aimed at what it says are errors, hypocrisy or offensive behavior by labor unions and their Democratic allies."[5] According to Mother Jones, Ryun formed Media Trackers as a "nimble attack blog . . . that could quickly capitalize on the latest missteps by big-government politicians or the "liberal" media -- essentially hard-hitting, opposition-research-style shops that prize scoops, speed, and scandal over policy briefs and press conferences."[6]

But Media Trackers has a history of "mangl[ing] the truth," according to Mother Jones and such media outlets as PolitiFact and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: An "exclusive" that "a labor-backed progressive group had violated Wisconsin state law by handing out free BBQ to Milwaukee residents in exchange for pledges to vote early in a closely fought state Senate recall election . . . turned out to be dead wrong; the DA found no evidence of wrongdoing." In November 2011, "in another splashy post that was quickly amplified by the right-wing blogosphere, Media Trackers' Wisconsin outlet claimed there were 'no privacy protections' for people who signed a recall petition to recall Walker, leaving them open to harassment and abuse. PolitiFact rated the claim 'Mostly False,' and noted that Media Trackers had given no evidence that harassment was taking place.[7]" And in March 2012, "soon after the Wisconsin Judicial Commission filed an ethics complaint against conservative state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, Media Trackers published a story claiming four of the commission's nine members had signed Walker recall petitions. In fact, none had.[8]"[6]

According to Mother Jones, "After seeing Media Trackers in action, its anonymous donors shelled out enough fresh cash for Ryun to expand into Colorado, Florida, Montana, and Ohio."[6] Indeed, Media Trackers announced its expansion into Colorado and Montana with two similar press releases on May 9, 2012.[9][10] Media Trackers Florida and Ohio seem to have been started in a slightly earlier wave, with organizational "about" pages on each of their websites dated March 16, 2012.[11][12]


Ryun was formerly the Director of Government Affairs for the American Center for Law and Justice and the Main Representative for the European Center for Law and Justice at the United Nations.[13]

Ryun directs Jim Ryun Running Camp, a Christian running camp sponsored by Adidas[14][15]

Ryun is the co-author, along with his brother Ned Ryun and his father Jim Ryun, of Heroes Among Us.[16]

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