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Duggan Flanakin is Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow's "Director of Policy Research as well as a journalist who has served as a policy analyst for CFACT since 1997; he is responsible for many of the articles found on the CFACT website. Mr. Flanakin began his professional career as a science editor with the now-defunct U.S. Bureau of Mines, and from 1989 through 2005 he served as editor of a high-level, Texas-based newsletter that focused on federal and state environmental regulation and policy. Mr. Flanakin has also served as a Senior Fellow with the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Arkansas Public Policy Foundation. He has written extensively on environmental education issues, the intersection of environmental policy and human rights, the divide between sound science and junk science, and many other topics. In Texas, he is widely respected for major reports that critiqued that state's consolidated environmental regulatory agency and that laid the framework for a new Texas Environmental Education Partnership that brought diverse interests together to improve the quality of the science in the classroom. Mr. Flanakin holds a B.A. in History from Louisiana State University and an M. A. in Public Policy from Regent University." [1]

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