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EMAK Worldwide "is a family of marketing agencies. Our sandbox is the increasingly complex world of marketing, where each of our agencies directly impacts consumer behavior for our clients.

"Three agencies make up the EMAK family: Equity Marketing using entertainment as social currency to activate clients’ brands, Upshot challenging consumer indifference with non-traditional marketing, and Logistix developing ingenious promotional products and programs to touch consumers.

"We believe in ‘participative marketing.’ Consumers no longer want to be spectators; they want to be engaged and involved. We get consumers to touch, feel, play with, and be a part of our clients’ brands.

"We do marketing that sells. Specifically, our agencies are experts at Market research, trend-spotting, and insight-mining. Promotional marketing, Integrated marketing and calendar planning, Custom promotional products- designed, produced and delivered. Retail marketing, co-marketing, shopper marketing, retail design. Sponsorships, sports and entertainment marketing, Word of mouth, buzz AND viral campaigns.

"We are all around the world and right next door, with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

"We are publicly traded on The Over-The-Counter Market under the Symbol EMAK.PK., with 350 employees and consistently ranked in the top 20 agencies by PROMO Magazine." [1]


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Web: http://www.emak.com

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