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ENilsson LLC is a firm that was formed in 1998 that specialises in web-based marketing campaigns.


On its website, eNilsson states that its staff have "formulated the marketing, design and technology strategies of such companies as Disney and Hoffman La Roche". [1]

ENilsson is also working on the campaign of Mitt Romney, the Republican governor of Massachusetts. In February 2007 Romney announced his candidacy for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. In September 2007 eNilsson posted a video clip, Mitt Romney - The story of a Massachusetts Governor, to YouTube. [2]

In March 2007 Erik Nilsson, the founder of eNilsson LLC, registered the domain name for MomsFeedingFreedom.com[3] , a website "made possible by a grant from the International Formula Council". [4]


Contact Details

ENilsson LLC
70 Broadwasy St
Westford Massachussetts 01886
Phone 978 405 0265
Website: http://www.enilsson.com/

ENilsson Asia-Pacific
7 National St
Leichardt NSW 2040
Phone: +61 2 9029 9683

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