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"Eco-livelihoods specialises in the management of indigenous forest ecosystems including inventories, land use planning and zoning, enrichment planting, reforestation and fire management. Our experienced foresters, forest managers, agronomists and other scientific partners develop and manage biodiversity conservation plans for standing indigenous forest habitats. " [1]

Eco-livelihoods Contracts

Accessed February 2015: [2]

Kamoa Sustainable Livelihoods Project, Katanga, DR Congo The Sustainable Livelihoods Project in the Kamoa area of Katanga in the DRC is a pilot initiative of the African Minerals (Barbados) Ltd, Kamoa Copper Project. It is a cornerstone of the KCP sustainability programme and is working to build a sustainable, independent economy in the communities that live and work in the projects concession areas. The project is being implemented by Eco-livelihoods Ltd as a sub-contractor to AMBL.

Joint Forest Management Bushingwe and Lualaba Forests, NW Province, Zambia The Bushingwe/Lualaba JFM programme is a collaboration between the communities of Musele, the Zambian Department of Forestry and First Quantum Mining (FQM). The programme is undertaken by Eco-livelihoods and aims to conserve a catchment forest of national importance. The first phase of the programme supports the mechanics of setting up of the joint management area.

Livelihoods Restoration Project : Kangari Hills, Sierra Leone Eco-livelihoodshas undertaken a feasibility study for a Livelihoods Recreation Project for AMEC/Cluff Gold in the Kangari Hills in Sierra Leone developing strategies to assist farmers impacted by projected mining operations in the Kangari Hills and developing alternative livelihood strategies for them and management of a livelihoods pilot project.

Ntaka Hill Project, Tanzania Eco-livelihoods is developing livelihoods restoration options for Cashew farmers affected by the Resettlement Plans for the Ntaka Hill Project, Tanzania. Eco-livelihoods has undertaken an initial study for Nomad Consulting who are doing the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP).

Kinsevere - Aden Site Services, DRC Eco-livelihoods has undertaken a consultancy on sustainable livelihoods and community based supply chains at Kinsevere Mine, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo for Aden Site Services who supply site services to the mine camp. Aden aim to supply eighty percent of fresh food requirements from local suppliers.

Kipoi - Tiger Resources/ SEK, DRC Eco-livelihoods designed a Community Engagement Program in Katanga, DRC based on its established model for providing livelihoods options for communities in and around the Kipoi mining development in maize/cassava farming, vegetable production, aquaculture, poultry, wood lots, beekeeping and NTFP processing. Also eco-system community based management of surrounding forests and rehabilitation of degraded areas to address unsustainable charcoal production.



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"The Sustainable Livelihoods Project in the Kamoa area of Katanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a pilot initiative of the Ivanplats/ African Minerals (Barbados) Ltd, Kamoa Copper Project" [1]


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