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Educators for NonViolence (EFNV) "is a joint program of the Metta Center and The Dalai Lama Foundation. EFNV brings together educators and students to research and compile high quality educational curricula and materials that integrate the concepts of nonviolence into a variety of educational systems. Many resources are available through the EFNV website, organized by discipline and age of students." [1]

Core Members

Accessed October 2007: [2]

  • Pieternel de Bie – Student at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands; MA thesis in peace education and nonviolence;
  • Tony Hoeber – Entrepreneur; Founding member of The Dalai Lama Foundation;
  • Anya Jacobson – Sixth grade teacher with integrated peace education core curriculum;
  • Jill Dalander Johnson – High school teacher; currently teaching a course on Alternatives to Violence;
  • Jonathan Kathrein, Executive Director of Future Leaders For Peace: a non-profit focused on conflict prevention. A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley - has experience in politics, real estate, law and non-profits. Has been featured in Sports Illustrated magazine, People of the Year '98 (Germany), and on Dateline NBC.
  • Mary McCoy – Reading specialist for grades K-3; also works with elementary school-age Spanish-English Language Learners; interested in multicultural education and resources that encourage peaceful, nurturing classroom environments;
  • Michael Nagler – Professor Emeritus, Founder of Peace and Conflict Studies Program at UC Berkeley; Author of The Search for a Nonviolent Future; Director of the METTA Center for Nonviolence Education;
  • Riane Eisler -President, Center for Partnership Studies;author and educator.
  • Lorin Peters – High school teacher
  • Mallory Moser – Artist; created the layout and also illustrated the EFNV website.
  • Jim Schuyler - CTO, The Dalai Lama Foundation
  • Lida Shepherd - Intern.
  • Sue Tannehill - Teacher and storyteller; area resource person.
  • Rachel MacNair - Psychologist; area resource person.
  • Lucy Roberts - Teacher and parent; area resource person.



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