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Edward Masters, Former President of the U.S.-Indonesia Society, and former US ambassador to Indonesia from 1977-1981.

Noam Chomsky notes: "After carrying out a huge slaughter in 1977-78 with the decisive support of the Carter Administration, Indonesia felt confident enough to permit a brief visit by members of the Jakarta diplomatic corps, among them the US ambassador, Edward Masters. They recognised that an enormous humanitarian catastrophe had been created. The aftermath was described by Benedict Anderson, one of the most distinguished scholars on Indonesia. Anderson testified before the UN that "For nine long months" of starvation and terror, "Ambassador Masters deliberately refrained, even within the walls of the State Department, from proposing humanitarian aid to East Timor." He was waiting "until the generals in Jakarta gave him the green light" - until, as an internal State Department document recorded, they felt "secure enough to permit foreign visitors"" (Benedict Anderson, Statement before the Fourth Committee of the UN General Assembly, 20 October 1980. [1]

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