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is the founder of the Global Healing Center.

In 2013 he announced that "I’m extremely pleased to announce that Gaiam TV has launched the first of twelve episodes of “Secrets to Health” featuring myself and the Health Ranger, Mike Adams of Natural News!" [1]

As a 2017 report for Newsweek noted:

"As a way of lending credibility to InfoWars Life, Jones frequently brings his medical consultant, Dr. Edward F. Group III, onto the show to downplay claims that his products are a scam. Group also has appeared in ads for various InfoWars formulas, including one called "Living Defense," which he promotes as a way to fend off "refugees spreading disease." ("The CDC is going crazy right now," Group says of the phenomenon, even though there is no evidence to support this.)

"But Group himself has dubious credibility. He holds a degree from Texas Chiropractic College, but although he lists five other higher-ed institutions on LinkedIn, Oliver points out that he didn't graduate from any of them; when pressed for comment by Last Week Tonight, he admitted to not having an undergraduate degree. Group repeatedly refers to himself as an "MIT alum" on InfoWars, but Oliver reveals that he only completed a "non-degree certificate program" at the institution, and that representatives from MIT told Last Week Tonight that referring to Group as an alumnus would be "inaccurate and misleading." [2]

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