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Ella Shohat "is Professor in the departments of Art and Public Policy and Middle Eastern Studies, and is also affiliated with Comparative Literature and the Gender and Sexuality Studies Program. She has published and lectured extensively, both nationally and internationally, on issues having to do with cultural studies, postcolonial theory, and visual culture. More specifically,she has developed critical approaches to the study of Arab-Jews and the Mizrahim. Her award-winning work includes the books Israeli Cinema: East/West and the Politics of Representation, (Univ. of Texas Press, 1989), Unthinking Eurocentrism (co-authored with R. Stam, Routledge, 1994), Dangerous Liaisons: Gender, Nation and Postcolonial Perspectives (co-edited, Univ. of Minnesota Press, 1997), Talking Visions: Multicultural Feminism in a Transnational Age (MIT Press and the New Museum, 1998), Forbidden Reminiscences (Bimat Kedem, 2001). She has also curated a number of cultural events and has served on the editorial boards of several journals, such as Social Text, Critique, Jouvert and Public Culture. Her writings have been translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, German and Turkish." [1]

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