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Biographical Information

Mikah Erling "(cosmic name received in 1989 in Mt. Shasta) was in deep spiritual union with Archangel Mikael when she received directives to create the StarGrid in the Canadian Rockies. In the years following the completion of the grid nine Sacred Sites were revealed to her where contact with the Great Archangel's Electronic Body of Light are facilitated. More information on this sacred journey and work can be explored at:

"A Gathering Place of Praise & Celebration, our Labyrinth is the focal point for the 9th Sacred Site of the Canadian Rockies' StarGrid. This site was initiated on Mikaelmas, Archangel Mikael's Feast Day on September 29th, 2002. Deep in the heart of the mountain, which towers above the Labyrinth, there is an electromagnetic vortex. This powerful 'balanced' vortex is the Sacred Site that Lord Mikael designated and aligned with the Labyrinth." [1] She is the creator of the Angelic Temple of Illumined Faith and Protection.

The annotation for a photograph on her web site notes: "Happy gridlayers at Alcyone Light Center - from left to right: Lawrence and Sylvia Scheckter, Donald Keys, Hilarion (Louis), Gary Zukav. Mikah (Elaya) is crouched down (centre) in front of Donald." [2]


"Labyrinths are being revived throughout the world. Dr. Lauren Artress, decan at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, has made it her mission to bring awareness of this amazing spiritual tool to many peoples in many lands. Her book, "Sacred Path", cites how the Labyrinth can cause a reconnection with Spirit as it works through the subconscious.

"The Labyrinth is the Language of Light made visible. It is the language of the Divine - Sacred Universal Geometry - a measure of the Divine in manifest form. As you walk the Labyrinth, you come to know it as a place where you can profoundly experience your soul's longing ... your innermost purpose and intent.

"Entering a Labyrinth's Sacred Space can open you to experiences beyond the ordinary. The Labyrinth's inmost harmonics can take you back into your own recorded memory, into a Sacred Past of deep connection to the Holy." [3]

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