Export Promotion of Organic Products from Africa

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Export Promotion of Organic Products from Africa (EPOPA) is a programme created by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) in 1997, with projects present in Uganda Tanzania and Zambia. According to their website:

”EPOPA aims to give African smallholder farmers a better livelihood through developing local and international organic markets. The increase in agricultural production benefits rural communities, thus the farmers. Thousands of smallholder farmers get a premium price for their organic crop. In general, yields increase because of the better practices. They get a more transparent price setting from the exporter who buys more directly and they are paid cash in hand.” [1]


“The operation of SIDA’s EPOPA Programme is subcontracted to a consortium of two consultancies AgroEco from the Netherlands and Grolink from Sweden.” [2]


c/o AgroEco
P.O. Box 63
NL-6720 AB Benekom
The Netherlands
Web: http://www.grolink.se/epopa/

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