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FACTNet (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network) was founded by former Scientology member Lawrence Wollersheim "who received a $8,674,643 settlement from the Scientology cult."[1]


FACTNet's stated mission is "to protect the most universal and basic constitutional freedom, the single freedom that is an essential prerequisite to the meaningful exercise of all of our other freedoms --- freedom of mind! Factnet focuses on protecting freedom of mind from harms caused by all forms of mind control and unethical influence."[2]

"In its earlier years (1993-2001) Factnet focused on mind control and unethical influence as was commonly found in destructive cults. In 2002 it has expanded its mission to also cover mind control and unethical influence as found in governments, corporations, social organizations, advertising/marketing, political organizations, the military and family groups Factnet is to human rights abuse in the areas of psychological coercion, unethical influence and mind control what Amnesty International is to human rights abuse in the areas of physical coercion and torture."[3]

Board of Directors

The only board member listed on the web site is Lawrence Wollersheim, President. Board information appears to be current only to 1999.

According to the FACTNet web site: "Wollersheim, once a cult victim, is now a cult expert who has fought cults' abuses for 18 years. After winning his own litigation against the cult he was a member of, Mr. Wollersheim has been very successful in helping other cult victims prosecute those guilty of cult-related abuses. He has long advocated for cult-related education. Mr. Wollersheim co-founded FACTNet and worked as the organization's executive director from its inception in June, 1993 until January, 1998. For the year of 1999, Mr. Wollersheim is taking a sabbatical and will be an inactive board member not involved with FACTNet's daily operations; however, he will continue to function as an advisor on FACTNet's legal affairs."[4]

Board of Advisors


Organizational Links

The FACTNet web site posts American Family Foundation workshop and conference information.


The FACTNet web site says that is "a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, but due to the nature of our work and security concerns we do not give out our mailing address." E-mail <manage@factnet.org
URL: http://www.factnet.org/

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