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Feed the Future in Kenya describes the U.S. State Department's Feed the Future (FtF) program in Kenya.

Existing and Previous Work in Kenya

USAID was not new to Kenya at the outset of FtF. It had already worked on two previous initiatives, the Initiative to End Hunger in Africa (IEHA) and the African Global Competitiveness Initiative (AGCI).

"Under IEHA, the agricultural program focused on market-led, value chain development, targeting maize, dairy, and horticulture, and integrating gender equity, sustainable resource management and utilization, and youth among the cross-cutting themes. Value chain programs are complemented by activities in pastoral production, agricultural research, applied policy research, biotechnology, and sanitary and phytosanitary compliance. Under AGCI, the horticulture program has facilitated the expansion of Kenya-US trade to an estimated $12 million in value. USAID has also reduced barriers to the regional trade of maize and increased the value and volume of trade of dairy products by 109% and 160%, respectively."[1]

Previous programs included:[1]

Existing and continuing programs included:

New Programs

New programs included:[1]

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