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The Film and Bag Federation (FBF) is a segment or subsidiary of the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. (SPI), created to actively promote the growth of the plastic film and bag industry. FBF and SPI share the same address. The SPI is represents all segments of the plastics industry and speaks for the industry at the regional and national levels. FBF membership includes companies that manufacture plastic bags and plastic film.

According to its web site, FBF/SPI works to influence public policy in favor of the plastics industry. Similar to the tobacco industry's Tobacco Action Network, FBF works to mobilize workers in the plastics industry into a "grassroots network" to support industry interests. FBF's Web site says that "SPI provides a grassroots network to rally the more than 1.4 million plastics workers nationwide."

FBF and SPI fight efforts to ban plastic shopping bags.


The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc.
Film and Bag Federation
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