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First Peoples Worldwide

"Founded by Rebecca Adamson in 1997, First Peoples Worldwide is one of the only international organizations led by Indigenous Peoples and dedicated to the mission of promoting Indigenous economic determination and strengthening Indigenous communities through asset control and the dissemination of knowledge. The Fredericksburg, Virginia-based organization has been at the helm of studying, devising and implementing solutions to Indigenous communities’ issues." [1]

"The first Keepers of the Earth FundTM grants were made in 2007 through the Tides Foundation. In our first year of regranting, First Peoples has been able to fund projects in fifteen countries spanning across four continents and touching over 35 Indigenous communities. First Peoples Worldwide was founded in 1997 following Rebecca Adamson’s visit to meet with Indigenous San communities in Botswana. This trip would serve as a catalyst for founding the Keepers of the Earth Fund. A decade after first conceptualizing it, the Keepers of the Earth Fund, was launched and has become not only a reality, but a success! " [2]


Accessed May 2009: [3]

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