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The Foundation for Deep Ecology, The Conservation Land Trust, and Conservacion Patagonica have offices at Fort Cronkhite in the Marin Headlands in Sausalito, California. Together, these organizations are dedicated to the preservation of wild nature...

"The Conservation Land Trust works to protect wildlands, primarily in Chile and Argentina. Pumalin Park, a project of the Conservation Land Trust, is comprised of more than 700,000 acres and functions as a national park under a private initiative. While most of the park is pristine wilderness, it has extensive public access and is a popular destination.

"Created in 2000, Conservacion Patagonica has already placed 450,000 acres of critical Patagonian habitat into permanent protection. Conservacion Patagonica has successfully created one Argentine national park, and is in the process of creating a second in Chile." [1]

"The mission of the Foundation for Deep Ecology (FDE) is to support education and advocacy on behalf of wild Nature. FDE carries out this mission primarily through its publications and public programs." [2]

"The Foundation for Deep Ecology has endorsed the position on economic growth developed by the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE)." [3]

They are a partner organization of Global Population Speak Out. [4]

Granting Program

"The Foundation for Deep Ecology has a long history as a generous grant-maker in categories such as Biodiversity & Wilderness, Ecological Agriculture, and Megatechnology & Economic Globalization.

"Over the years, however, our focus has shifted to our in-house publishing program, and we no longer accept unsolicited grant proposals at this time." [5]

According to the conservative site, Undue Influence, the foundation is a “Primary funder of International Forum on Globalization… “FDE's portfolio holds stocks or bonds of Allstate, which insures fossil-fuel-using cars; Citicorp, and three foreign banks, which fund the globalization Tompkins tries to stop; Fannie Mae, funder of suburbanization; Grupo Televisa, the Mexican TV network, ironic since program director Jerry Mander wrote a book against TV; HCA-Hospital Corp. of America; Telefonos de Mexico, a NAFTA bonus-baby; and Wal-Mart, not-so-local presence across America.” [6]


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