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The Foundation for Ethics and Meaning "is a grass roots, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. The Foundation's activities and research seek to challenge the present economic and cultural dominance of market driven hyper-consumption, and the worship of material wealth, power and celebrity, the political, spiritual and ethical apathy, and the ecological and human damage this worldview produces. Instead we work to encourage a holistic and community spirit of caring that promotes tolerance, justice, and reconciliation. Moving beyond outdated Left/liberal and Right/conservative paradigms, we work with numerous organizations and the public to develop a unified language that can offer both a sophisticated yet accessible critique of the current bottom line, and a coherent program for its transformation." [1]

"The Foundation for Ethics and Meaning was established by Michael Lerner, Editor of Tikkun magazine, and Mark LeVine, in 1995. The idea first came to Mark after reading an article in Mother Jones magazine in late 1994 which argued that a major factor behind the victory of the Republicans and their "Contract With America" in the mid-term congressional elections that fall was the incredible (but ill-understood) power of well-funded, well-connected conservative think tanks." [2]


Accessed February 2009: [3]

  • Mark LeVine, Florence, Italy, NY, Founder, Past Co-Chair, Religion/Spirituality and People-Centered Globalization Task Forces Co-Coordinator
  • Rick Ulfik, NYC, Co-Chair, Media Watch & Education Task Forces Coordinator
  • Nanette Schorr, NYC, Legal Task Force Coordinator
  • Jan Roberts, Tampa, FL, Vice-Chair, NGO/Coalition-building Task Force Coordinator
  • Bruce Novak, Chicago, IL, Secretary, Education Task Force Coordinator
  • Martin Henner, Eugene, OR, Treasurer
  • Jim Fary, Silver Spring, MD, Y2K Task Force Coordinator
  • Gayle Irvin, NYC, Work Issues/Labor/Corporate Responsibility Task Force Coordinator
  • Heather McKenzie, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Jesse Rabinowitz, Richmond, VA
  • Ron Winley, NYC, Religion/Spirituality Task Force Co-Coordinator



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