Frank Van Dunn

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Professor Frank Van Dunn is Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Ghent, Belgium. He has published extensively in many languages on the philosophy of law, logic, political theory, economics, the history of ideas, and the philosophy of human rights. The Libertarian Alliance has published his Authoritarian and Libertarian Views of Society and his essays "Natural Law and the Jurisprudence of Freedom", "Against Libertarian Legalism", "Human Dignity: Reason or Desire?", "Natural Rights versus Human Rights", and "Natural Law, Liberalism and Christianity" have been published in the The Journal of Libertarian Studies. His important critique of limited liability and the corporation, "Is the Corporation a Free Market Institution?" was published in The Freeman ([1]) and his essay "Philosophical States and the Illusions of Citizenship: Reflections on the Neutral State" in the book Hayek Revisited.