Frank van Dun

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Frank van Dun

(Antwerp, Belgium, 1947)
Van Dun is a philosopher of law at the universities of Ghent (Belgium) and Maastricht (The Netherlands), where he teaches philosophy of law, law and logic, and fiscal theory.

  • He is the author of three books:
    • - Het Fundamenteel rechtsbeginsel (The Fundamental Principle of Law - Antwerp: Kluwer-Rechtswetenschappen, 1983);
    • - De Utopische Verleiding (The Utopian Temptation - together with Hans Crombag, Amsterdam: Contact, 1997);
    • - Mens, burger, fiscus (Man, Citizen and Fisc - Maastricht: Shaker Publishing, 2000).
  • He has published numerous articles on
    • logic,
    • philosophy of law and economics,
    • natural law, classical liberalism and libertarianism.

External links

  • University of Ghent, "Fank Van Dun", undated, accessed March 2004.