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Frederick Cedoz is a Vice President of the energy consultancy company Global Water & Energy Strategy Team (GWEST) [1]. He is also the Executive Director of the Strategic Fellowship Program of the Institute for Advanced Strategic & Political Studies [2].


According to a biographical note on the alumni website for the history department of the University of Dayton, Ohio, Cedoz's freshman year was 1996. He then graduated from Columbus School of Law at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, and then joined IASPS. According to the note, his work at IASPS is "focusing on U.S. and Israeli national security affairs and U.S. energy security policy with an emphasis on west Africa." It also says that Cedoz joined Morgan Stanley as a Financial Advisor in November 2001. [3]

In January 2001, Cedoz wrote a short op-ed for the IASPS website titled "The Peace Process is 'Madness'". His article concludes "Instead [of] what was once taken for granted as established by blazing military victories, Israel's security has been placed at risk as a result of concessions and a failure to understand what the 'peace process' really means for Israel. That is the elimination of the nation-state, as it currently exists." [4]

In another op-ed for IASPS in March 2001, written as Ariel Sharon was set to become Prime Minister, Cedoz declares that "Israel needs to return to a position of military strength and resolve in combating terrorism and outside threats, thus restoring the balance of power in the region as their primary domestic military objective." [5]

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