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An apparently small company which analyses data and produces reports predicting peoples' behavior for the benefit of retail chains, shopping centers and groups of shopping centers. It also provides consultancy on plans for utilising this information.

Geoff Nicholson, the MD has spoken on BBC Radio 4's consumer affairs program You and Yours, criticising a recent report of the New Economics Foundation about the homogenisation of UK town centers. [1] (Will break two weeks or so after 26 Jun 2005)


Services provided

  • Rental law experts to help minimise rent payments and optimise contractual conditions for the retailer
  • Assistance with integration of leisure, retail and catering selling food, etc to shoppers
  • Retail research projects on various topics, by request

To Shopping Centres

  • Shopping centre catchment analysis - analysing where shoppers come from and how people from that area tend to spend their money
  • Tenant mix planning - working out which shops will complement each other
  • Retail strategy implementation - A retail strategy is a plan outlining the way in which products will be sold, e.g. why people will want them, and how they can be persuaded to buy.
  • Statistical comparisons between shops within centers, and shopping centres in completeness.
  • Shopping centre impact studies. Studies presenting the consequences of shops opening and closing upon a shopping center; higlighting, for instance, which the center as a whole might benefit from driving to closure
  • Analysis of retailers before management allow them into shopping centers
  • Plans for increasing sales
  • Pre-acquisition surveys of shopping centers - checking shopping centers can make enough money

To Retailers

  • Brand auditing and Brand tracking Reports on peoples' perceptions of brands within a specific region, initially and on an on-going basis.
  • Retailer location planning Reports on where in a town, in a county, and in the country as a whole is the best place to put a shop
  • Market brand positioning, Retail brand positioning Brand positioning is how products of a particular type are perceived. MBP is for the benefit of a brand owner, RBP is for the benefit of a retailer.
  • Helping retailers who have just taken over a shop get established in a town

Contact details

Fripp Sandeman & Partners Limited
Retail Business Consultants
20 Manor Court Yard
Hughenden Avenue
High Wycombe
HP13 5RE
United Kingdom